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Can I show collision area as wire frame like Editor durring Playing ?
I wanna wacth collision area is correct as my expect.
Sometimes, in my project, it seems rigidbody penetrate the other rigidbody’s collider.
Or, player charactor is stumbled to something unvisible.


Hi @ogawa, it would be useful indeed, but as that is purely debugging code and is subject to each case specifically, we had to remove any code from engine regarding that, and re-implemented on editor level.
Here is source from editor that implements debugging shapes for collision component and renders them:
I know it is a bit “too much” of a code, but it gives an idea how to render some wireframed stuff and eventually will be possible to make one script that you simply attach to entity that enables rendering of a collision component. Or perhaps global script, that adds primitive rendering to all entities with collision components, it is up to your case.


Can you make it to where you can use Github/Bitbucket as well as the scripts from the editor? There is alot of useful stuff on Github and I want to use both at the same time.


Thank you for replying !
The code is really a little bit ‘too much’. :sweat:
I try to understand it now. and I’ll make as library code if i can.


Hey @ogawa

I made a script for you that does what you want - it basically adds a debug entity with a model component of the appropriate type, as a child of the Entity with the collision component. Here it is .

Also may I suggest to ask questions that are not that related to the topic in a different post? It helps keep topics clean :slight_smile:


I can’t get the fog distance settings to work in the editor. It’s either a bug or I’m missing something.


Fog start and end distances only affect Linear fog. Exponential and Exponential Squared fog are only controlled via the Density setting. Thanks for pointing this out. We should hide Start/End when fog mode is not linear and hide density when linear is selected. I’ll submit a bug report. :smile:


Duplicating multiple selected objects is not working.

To try this out, control click to select a few objects and then click duplicate.

Only one object seems to be duplicated, rather than duplicating all of the objects that the user selected.

Having the ability to select many objects, duplicate them and move the ( newly selected ) duplicates would make for a faster workflow, especially at the initial stages of level design.



Don’t know if it has been suggested already: search for text in all js scripts.

Useful when ending up with spaghetti code and you don’t remember where you are calling that event … :wink:


You should be able to do that with your browser.


@vaios is looking into this now, @Leonidas. No promises on ETA though. :wink:


Thanks @will and @vaios, no worries, keeps pushing me in writing better and easy to memorize code.


I also have one minor thing.
If you search for entities via the searchbar in the Hierarchy window, it would be nice to be able shift select the results.
Currently the editor will jump immediately to the entity, if you click on its name, thats not really helpful to edit a bunch of entities scrambled in the scene :wink:



@swatty yes, already had a request for it, created a ticket.


Suggestion: list and/or other types of listing the assets on the Assets Panel. As well as sorting filters. Pretty much like a file manager.

When a folder gets a huge number of assets thumbnail mode isn’t always ideal.



Suggestion: Back button functionality for the Inspector panel.

Probably this isn’t so easy to define a behaviour, but sometimes when clicking on a texture or model is very convenient to be able to get back with one click to the parent material or entity. Instead of searching again on the Hierarchy panel.


About filters, I was thinking just today about advanced Search Tool, that would even allow to remember search criteria. As well as search in folders.
What kinda criteria you think would be useful for you to search by?

And regarding “back” button in inspector, that actually would be useful indeed.
If it could allow to go back to last selected state, either it is entity or asset, that would help to navigate. Currently if there was no change made, you can do Ctrl + Z as selection - is part of history. But if change is made, that “back” button would be nice use.

Thank you for ideas, we thought of most of this things before, but it is important to see demand and users willing to have them, so we can raise priority points on those tasks.

Keep it coming :slight_smile:


When trying to optimize assets a sort by filesize would be so useful. E.g. to search and replace large un-optimized textures.
As well as, a sort by uploaded date, when trying to find which assets where given by that client on that date.

Thanks as well for the Ctrl + Z tip, yes you are right, when there is no change it reverts to the previous selection.


Regarding filesize, there is really good tool in Dev Tools - Networking tab, open it, and check “Disable Cache”, then refresh Launcher. It will show what is loaded, when and how much it downloads. That is actually powerful tool, I’ve been using all the time. It gives more information on size optimisation as it has not just size, but timing and context associated with it.


The Launch button doesn’t work when the Inspector sidebar is closed - the tooltip is covering it.