Playcanvas Editor Changelog/What's New

Hi @Playcanvas Team!

Do you have anything like Editor Changelog / What’s New / Devlog? Just for example, I found a new “Template” menu recently when right-clicking on an entity in hierarchy. What does it do? Didn’t find any information about it. [UPD found a topic]
The same about this minor, but very useful slider - I found it occasionally :slight_smile: image

So it would be cool if you had some forum topic or newsletter with all these new features exposed.
There is Announcements category on this forum, but it covers mostly engine updates, not Editor UI,


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Good idea! For the moment you can subscribe to the Playcanvas twitter account, most, if not all, updates are getting posted there.

Here is the update for the numbers slider:

Newsletters have been restarted recently (there’s an option in your PlayCanvas account settings) and we’ve recently fixed an issue where a small number of accounts haven’t been getting them.

Here are the old newsletters:[UNIQID][UNIQID]

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