Playcanvas drop in performance with recent updates

Hey there!

I’ve been wondering if anyone has noticed a decrease in performance of their playcanvas scenes? I’ve been working on a project that uses pointcloud loading and it seems in the last couple weeks the scenes went from really smooth, to extremely laggy and slow to the point that it is unplayabale. I’m still unsure the root cause, since it seems to be happening with pointcloud assets more so than meshes.

Also checking the example on the examples page and I can also see it’s slowed down a lot there too. PlayCanvas Examples

I’m pretty sure this is a playcanvas issue as other web based pointcloud loaders such as Potree still have no issues loading.

Would be great to figure out what might be causing this, maybe there was a regression in recent updates.


Have you tried going through the engine releases with your project to check if there is a specific release that caused the issue?

On the engine example, I get the following stats but I do have dedicated graphics card

CC’ing @mvaligursky for reference