Playcanvas does not display correctly Vietnamese

Hi everybody,

Has anyone encountered this error yet please give me suggestions


Hi @hoanguyen,

You should make sure that your font supports Vietnamese characters and you’ve included all those characters to the font asset characters list.

Take a look at this post on how to do this:

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Great, I will try
Thanks @Leonidas

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I tried that too with Spanish and Japanese but it doesn’t work, even if I use a Windows font.

@Visama have you added the extra characters to the font asset in PlayCanvas to generate? See link from Leonidas for more details.

Yeah I have added characters to test and they didn’t work. Japanese language has a lot of characters so I can’t add all of them.

Can you put together a small project to share the problem please (with Spanish)?

Spanish ended up working fine. I just had to press process font, but I don’t remember what happened to Japanese, I know I gave up on that because I would have to add a lot of characters (there are thousands of them) so I decided to do the game with Unity.

Yeah, Asian languages are always problematic due to the shear number of characters that are used. It be great if the PlayCanvas engine can support multiple textures for the font.

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You need to check 2 things:

  • Font must support your language.
  • You’ve included all those characters to the font asset characters list.

I did that and it worked with my language

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Yeah I know. I was using Noto Sans JP, which is a font for japanese language.