PlayCanvas Discord server

I have set up a PlayCanvas discord server. It’s small but if you want more text or voice chat channels, I will add more.

To the developers of PlayCanvas: there is a Developers role reserved for you

Here is my invite link

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@will can you pin and join this server please

Thanks for making this! Joined

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I thought you guys have Great Chinese Firewall and use only WeChat instead of all social networks? Bth, its pretty nice messenger.

Nice havent joined yet but i will eventually :slight_smile: i love discord i use it for my game and to mess around with friends :slight_smile: thanks for the server @SHADOWELITE7

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hi, if you are new to the forums and want to join the server, the link is working because discord crashed and deleted all server link invites,
use this right now

Send again please; I would like to join!

2 Years Later…

No u

@Werdie_Alt @DevPlex01

sorry I haven’t responded

the server has been given to @yaustar this server since I am doing something else

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I already joined it a few months ago.

Might join but im still scared of discord

I mean, you don’t really have to.

you don’t really have to

just to guarantee this
there is nothing to be scared about when it comes to using discord and the playcanvas discord server

He used to have some trauma issues when it came to discord. Now he uses discord again so it’s fine.

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