Playcanvas dev stickers?

I just ordered some dev stickers for my laptop, but there was no option for a certain orange square with white chevrons. I feel one of those would really tie my laptop together

Any place I could get one?

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Want one of these?

PM me your address.


That’s cool!! want it too :slight_smile:

Is there any mascot character ? for example … Tux (the Linux’s charcter)

In particular, Japanese geeks likes mascot characters ! :slight_smile:
Unity Technologies Japan has Unity-chan -

Well, Ogawa-san, we already have PlayBot! :slight_smile:

But something in the Japanese manga/anime style would be cooooool! Do you know any good artists in that style? Maybe we could commission the design of such a character.

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@will, oh I forgot about him (her?). very sorry.

I will talk about this topics with the visual designer around me.

My friend who has friends in Kodansha(Japanese most huge publisher) sent me a sample image.
These were drawn for melon’s mascot some years ago.
He said “if you need a visual designer like these, I’ll ask to a friend in Kodansha.”

I think will be nice something like Arale (Dr.Slump) LoL

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are you good at Japanese manga ? :slight_smile:

Dr. Slump would be too old in Japan.
This year is 35th Anniversary of Dr.Slump.

Maybe young Japanese geeks don’t know it so much.
They will know it, but don’t read it and watch it.
very sad. :cry:

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Yes was very funny and loved it, I thought that since PlayBot look funny something like Arale would be perfect, but was just my idea… if it’s a bit old fashioned, something more recent…but totally different…“I female robot”…anyway i look forward to see what will happen :smiley:

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