PlayCanvas December Mega Update

Masses of updates deployed as an early Christmas present! Read all about what’s new on the blog and follow up here with your thoughts and feedback. :christmas_tree: :santa:

If you want to help us spread the word, we tweeted about the update here. So a retweet would be great! :blush:


Already noticed the camera update and loved it :slight_smile: Also the assets news are great and the anti alias button is great. Guys it’s hard not to praise you…u are doing great!

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Great stuff guys!! really useful features.

If I had some wish list items they would be:

  • alphabetical sorting of scripts in folders (is it just because I’m using legacy?).
  • A list view where I really can see all of the asset name without having to hover
  • A mode to mean that changing the parent of an object retains its world position - this is so useful in Unity
  • Ability to fix the camera preview so I can keep it on screen while I move things around

Another useful feature would definately be a perspective viewport reset button in the editor. As far as I know this doesn’t exist.

Good suggestions, @whydoidoit.

  • Scripts do alphabetically order correctly with scripts 2.0, yes.
  • We have discussed a list view for the Assets panel internally several times. Your request will only help bump the priority higher.
  • I thought we did have such a mode for transforming a parent without updating the children but it appears not - I tried all the modifier keys.
  • Yep, I totally agree, I was thinking of this myself the other day. Perhaps a pin icon in the top right of the preview viewport.

I’ll add 2-4 to our feature request database for you.

Actually, I stand corrected. If you drag a child to another parent in the Hierarchy view when pressing CTRL, the child’s position is locked. I think it’s CMD on Mac.

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@AmbushGames Reset to what? The normal way to set the camera to a sensible state in the Editor viewport is to select an entity in the Hierarchy panel and hit ‘F’ (to frame that entity).

Oh, thanks! The perspective viewport a while back flew into oblivion and now all I see is the skybox.

Cool thanks for the info!

Bump about ListView for Assets.
After long time on the project, it is impossible to navigate :\

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Hello, I must admit that I am a bit worried in relation to the name “PlayCanvas” as a sole title.
As I work in multi-billion dollar corperation, and try to move forward with a “PlayCanvas”-based agenda within our strategy for graphical identity etc, I find myself in a conceptual headache.
Yes, your Javascript/WebGL engine has groundbreaking potential, but when I try to explain things about your company to my leaders and other higher departments I worry that they will not consider it proffesional. “PlayCanvas” sounds like something you only produce games in. Can you maybe/please make a top tier parallel branch (maybe in relation to your 50 USD membership), that has another title ? … “WebCanvas” or maybe “jCan” (jQuery is for instance better recognized within our business).

Show them one of the build configurators made with it. That usually helps:

You can show them this project - it’s good enough to win them over.

Ok, really nice with more examples, and I agree with i8 example (using that already along with Disney and Nickelodeon cases).

Also a nice example YauStar. In my opinion - and on the contrary - PlayCanvas should/could be ranked upon this chart (, and it isn’t. On the next board meeting for PlayCanvas (in case you are close to that circle), I really think you should take up the issue as a bullet point. I have been working in the architechtural business as well, and I really can’t see any good rival for you in that business area … I really think you can do something with name and grow dramatically. Make no mistake I like ‘playing games’, but there is business (stockmarket trust) and there is pleasure (playing games). Nice that some big companies have seen the light, but right now you are relying on certain visionary employees within those companies to take the leap … I would be surprised if the BMW i8 was implemented/created by middle tier department leader or above :slight_smile:

On that list, none of the major WebGL libraries (three.js, babylon.js, A Frame etc) are on that list so I’m not sure that list is relevant in the argument.

Considering the customers of PlayCanvas have included the likes of King, Product Madness and Disney. Trust shouldn’t be an issue.

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Ok. Will use “WebGL” from here on forward (as tech reference on forward within my company) … it is more formal and has less bias towards the gaming industry - Thanks for listening and replying anyway.