PlayCanvas December Mega Update


Masses of updates deployed as an early Christmas present! Read all about what’s new on the blog and follow up here with your thoughts and feedback. :christmas_tree: :santa:

If you want to help us spread the word, we tweeted about the update here. So a retweet would be great! :blush:


Already noticed the camera update and loved it :slight_smile: Also the assets news are great and the anti alias button is great. Guys it’s hard not to praise you…u are doing great!


Great stuff guys!! really useful features.

If I had some wish list items they would be:

  • alphabetical sorting of scripts in folders (is it just because I’m using legacy?).
  • A list view where I really can see all of the asset name without having to hover
  • A mode to mean that changing the parent of an object retains its world position - this is so useful in Unity
  • Ability to fix the camera preview so I can keep it on screen while I move things around


Another useful feature would definately be a perspective viewport reset button in the editor. As far as I know this doesn’t exist.


Good suggestions, @whydoidoit.

  • Scripts do alphabetically order correctly with scripts 2.0, yes.
  • We have discussed a list view for the Assets panel internally several times. Your request will only help bump the priority higher.
  • I thought we did have such a mode for transforming a parent without updating the children but it appears not - I tried all the modifier keys.
  • Yep, I totally agree, I was thinking of this myself the other day. Perhaps a pin icon in the top right of the preview viewport.

I’ll add 2-4 to our feature request database for you.


Actually, I stand corrected. If you drag a child to another parent in the Hierarchy view when pressing CTRL, the child’s position is locked. I think it’s CMD on Mac.


@AmbushGames Reset to what? The normal way to set the camera to a sensible state in the Editor viewport is to select an entity in the Hierarchy panel and hit ‘F’ (to frame that entity).


Oh, thanks! The perspective viewport a while back flew into oblivion and now all I see is the skybox.


Cool thanks for the info!


Bump about ListView for Assets.
After long time on the project, it is impossible to navigate :\