PlayCanvas Data Templating


I created a template system for UI elements, where you can set data to UI elements. These scripts makes front-end process easier.

You can simply connect your UI elements to a REST service with zero coding.

Here is a video for tutorial :

Github repository for scripts :

If you are familiar with React or VueJS or any other templating on JavaScript, you’ll understand it quickly.


  • Render variables on text elements
  • Render images with variables
  • Hide or show elements with variables
  • Connect all elements to a REST service with zero coding

Let me know if you have any feedback or request. I’ll try to add it to scripts.
These scripts are currently in use on MiniRoyale2 and a new game that is in development.


That’s pretty cool - great video to show this off as well. Very informative!

That is very cool @commention, many thanks for sharing it!