PlayCanvas Consulting

Our firm is considering standardizing on PlayCanvas as a development platform for visual configurators.

As part of our decision process we would like to spend some time one the phone with someone highly knowledgeable and experienced with PlayCanvas as a configurator development tool.

We are in the Central time zone in the United States.

This opportunity pays $150/hour.

I’d be happy to have a phone conversation on building configurators in PlayCanvas.

I was lead developer/architect for the asset development portion of the “Build and Quote” on the Polaris website. I was brought on to do the whole project front to back, but when it became apparent it was more then a one man job I concentrated on the asset development side of things.

Polaris’ “Build and Quote” is a WebGL vehicle configurator developed in PlayCanvas all tied into Polaris’ backend pricing system. Here’s a link to the Polaris site : (From this link click “Build Your Own”.)

Here’s a standalone version I created for my Portfolio showcasing Polaris’ Slingshot vehicle, all asset development, ui, and code is from me. This version is local on my server, no access to Polaris data, so all the data in this interaction is JSON driven.

Finally, if you’d like to talk further, my contact information can be found on my web site/portfolio:

Joe Hinrichs

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