PlayCanvas community on discord

well, this might be a good idea in my mind because I am an expert at making discord servers. I was thinking if we could all have a play canvas discord server to expand from forums to a real-time chat room.

developers of play canvas if you think this is a good Idea tell me yes in private chat and I will make it, if not then say no and why


I think gitter would be more appropriate.

ok its cool but, Discord isn’t just for games I have seen and been to other servers for coding, game design, and tutoring. I was thinking PlayCanvas Discord community would be better because

  1. Voice chat is enabled so a group on play canvas can collaborate while talking and getting to know each other

  2. In discord, you can easily see who is online, who needs more help, who needs a team.

  3. With the markdown language, you can set up a syntax color if you have trouble with coding

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