Does this happen regularly? I just started using this yesterday. - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity)

I have a feeling I lost my last JavaScript change, so I’ll keep repeating it to myself until the server comes back up :slight_smile:

I just checked out the site - all looks fine. Still having problems?

Happened a few times over the last week - last night was about an hour (started around midnight GMT)

We had a period of downtime of around 20 minutes last night caused by heavy traffic.

We’re investigating the exact cause, but we already have plans starting next week to update the way we handle assets and this should help us prevent these kinds of situations.

Sorry again for the downtime.

Hopefully it’s because you are being so successful at GDC?? :slight_smile:

It is more because it is becoming more and more popular in general, and people use it more and more, where our daily actives are steadily growing.

And as well some people, who upload 10k textures :frowning:
Or 200mb FBX’s :frowning:

That’s good news I guess :slight_smile: The proverbial “nice problem to have” - of course not so nice when you have them…

(BTW happening right now too intermittently)