Playcanvas AR with NFT

Hi, i’m trying to acess some Augmented Reality templates to use with NFT, but all of then give this error when launch:

I tried these projects:

All of them return this error (the last one seens to be alright when play directly form dashboard, but when i fork it give the same error).

What i’m missing here? Maybe some engine updates missing from these projects?

I want to ask if someone have an working AR NFT project template like these to share or some way to implement it.

Many thanks!

I’ve forked and fixed the first one:

The fonts need re-processing for some reason. I think something was changed in the engine and broke order projects :thinking: @ray Can you think of anything that has changed recently that would break older projects?

I have a feeling that some font assets that were imported a long time ago might not work with the latest engine. I haven’t seen this error in a long time, but I have a sneaky suspicion you just have to re-import the TTF and it’ll be fine again.

@yaustar - the new font asset version PR hasn’t been merged - so it can’t be causing this issue - however, the font asset loading code: does look like it supports older font asset versions - so maybe there is a bug in this versioning code? (Github’s Blame feature can help identify the person to ask :slight_smile: )