PlayCanvas app causes page reload on iOS. Help! 😭

Hello, I have an HTML 5 project with 3D models and some interactions in it, using Playcanvas as the engine.
Now I have a problem: when I use an iOS device, the page reloading often occurs, while Android phones don’t have a similar problem.
I have tried to destroy some entities and scripts, which doesn’t work a lot.
How can I optimize this project? :sob::sob:

Hi @Rafong and welcome,

What do you mean with page reloading? Does the page crash and the user has to reload it again? If that’s the case then most likely your app is consuming too much memory and you need to optimize this.

There is a helpful guide here with best practices:

If you have published link to the app we can look at, that would really help too.

This is probably because your app is running out of memory - and this is normally because of texture data on iOS. If this is the case, compress your textures.

Can you give me your email address?

You can DM me, Will or Leonidas. Chances are that Will and Leonidas are right and you will running out of VRAM.

I would check the PlayCanvas profiler in the launch tab and see VRAM usage.

Excuse me, do you have received my message?

Resolved by texture compression for iOS supported formats (PVR)

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But I encounter a new problem. I can‘t play videos smoothly on iOS devices. How should I optimize it?

I recommend using Safari devtools to work out why the framerate isn’t smooth. It could be due to network bandwidth, the resolution/bitrate of the video etc.

Thank you
Merry Christmas

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