PlayCanvas API page has transparent background

Hey, just a small heads up to the dev-team.

I changed the background color of my browser window (for better previewing transparent images), and noticed that the PlayCanvas API page actually don’t have a background, but instead assumes the user has a standard white background, making the text pretty difficult to read on my dark background:

would prob be nice to have this color fixed? (or perhaps even better, set the text color to the complimentary)

I’ve had a quick look and we don’t set a background colour :thinking:

Created an issue for this: No background color on the PlayCanvas API documentation · Issue #458 · playcanvas/ · GitHub

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How do you set the browser background color? :sweat_smile:

Haha… Well I’m using Firefox, so guess it’s sorta an “edge case” but it’s pretty easy there. U just go to settings and scroll to a button called “color management” or something like that, where u can set the background color. Pretty neat if u want Google search results to be dark, or work with transparent pictures in browsers.

Would think other browsers have similar functionality?

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@Astra A fix for this has been merged. The developer site has been deployed with this update. Thanks for reporting. If you continue to notice any problems around this, do please let us know.

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