PlayCanvas and Apple's Vision Pro reference in WWDC video

Noticed a reference to PlayCanvas in an Apple WWDC video about spatial computing with the upcoming Vision Pro.

Is this anything to get excited about yet? Will it become more exciting later?

Link to video, go to 14:35 for the reference: Meet Safari for spatial computing - WWDC23 - Videos - Apple Developer

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Hi @Bigcatrik,

One thing that stands out is that the Vision Pro will support WebXR which is huge for PlayCanvas. You can develop WebXR experiences in other headsets today (e.g. Oculus) and expect your content to work on the Vision Pro as soon as it launches and WebXR is enabled.

And given how easy the PlayCanvas editor makes development I expect more and more devs and studios using it.


Definitely exciting. WebXR is an easy (the easiest?) way to distribute XR experiences. It’s supported on Android phones and Meta headsets. The blocker has been Apple holding out on supporting WebXR on their devices.

Apple’s WebXR announcement is significant in that it means WebXR is a way to produce and distribute cross-platform XR experiences for both Meta and Apple headsets, as well as a large portion of mobile devices. This will be good for PlayCanvas, as it is a leader in web 3D, and it is well-positioned for the future of the web 3D ecosystem, such as with it’s support for WebGPU.

I’m not seeing an announcement about WebXR for iOS/iPadOS, but this post by WebKit is interesting because it says WebKit will continue collaborating with the WebXR team on the standard, which is still in draft form. I’m hoping this collaboration helps keep WebXR moving in the right direction, so that it becomes fully realized and widely supported.

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