PlayCanvas Active Tab Changes

as you know there is 3 main sections to playcanvas… the featured section (desperate need of being update but i’ll cover that later) the Plays section… which shows the games with the most plays to the least plays going downwards… and the final one is the active section… this section has always stumped me… i’ve seen lots of games become really active and popular… but i NEVER see them on the active tab… i feel like the system you use for the active tab is either outdated or just not functional… I suggest changing the active tab to show the games that have more devlog posts, recent comments, recent activity on the page in general… if a game has a sudden boost in plays or veiws it should accompany that active tab… games like my recent challenge project have EXPLODED in popularity, activity, and popularity in general… but i’ve never once seen it in the active tab… and the games i do see in there… ive never seen them on the home feed… or in general…

have a nice day, Deadshot1m24

Hi @Kevin_Herod! Thanks for your feedback.

This has already been confirmed. It probably will be better in the future, but this will take some time.


okay i haven’t seen that specific post… thanks for letting me know that the fix is in progress… i hope my feedback will help as well