PlayCanvas acquired?

Is it true that Snapchat have bought PlayCavas? If so, are there any guarantees for it’s future as a platform for independent development?

I’m in the process of prototyping to see if PC should be the platform for our new product, so obviously this is a little concerning.

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i read this as well. Does this mean we lose the engine ?

PlayCanvas were acquired last May.

Given all the updates to the engine and editor, it looks like they are committed in continuing the product.

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PlayCanvas is here to stay. I suggest you hit the ‘Watch’ button on GitHub to keep track of all the incoming features.

Even better, join in the open source effort and start contributing. :slight_smile:


wooohoooo great awesome

@will - if I can get this prototype sorted and persuade my board, then that’s not impossible.

Any news on Playcanvas will stay a platform for independent development?