PlayCanvas/8thWall AR Project Questions

Hi, I’m just starting out with a Playcanvas /8th Wall Augmented reality project and I have a couple of hopefully basic questions.

1-When testing my app; Playcanvas opens a qr code to run the app. Once scanned I can then see the app running perfectly on mobile but then how am I supposed to debug it? I cant find a way to open the same application using just the webcam, If I could use the webcam then at least I could debug using the browser.

2-Maybe more 8thWall related, but does anyone know how to find the event that is responsible for finding an image target. I need to do certain things only once an image target has been detected.

Thanks in advance!

You can use Google Chrome/Safari remote debug tools

I’m afraid to have to ask this on 8th Wall Slack community or Stack overflow:

Thanks. So I just need to make sure I connect via USB before debugging? Nothing seems to get found when I’m just connected (completely) remotely. Cheers

Yes, you will need to enable Developer Mode on your phone and enable USB debugging: