Playcanvas 1.57.1 doesn't render properly Texture bigger than 4096x4096 anymore

I’ve been using playcanvas for six month now. Maybe this missbehavior of the engine have already been notice. Since a week I have problem using texture larger than 4096x4096 pixels ( photospheres in my case) only on Android devices. I thought this could have been a WebGl limit (textImage2D.MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE : 4096) but just reverting the last version fo playcanvas (1.56.0) seems that everything is fine.
I write this post with this little project test: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
I hope ypu can help me risolve this peculiar case before the next playcanvas updates.
Thanks a lot.

The texture you are using is 8000px in width

It’s interesting that it worked on 1.56.0. I think that we had auto downsizing before and doesn’t seem to be available now.

I will investigate more and write up a ticket

Thanks a lot yaustar.
I’ll follow this open issue having hope to undestand all possible solutions.