Play different animations (on one character) one after the other

as I m new to playcanvas, perhaps this is a silly questeion…but…
I have one character (glb exported from 3DS Max) and different animations (idle, silly, running).
All I want is when “idle” played that “silly” starts and when this is done “rurning” starts.
need no triggers, just animations in a row.

THANX for any help

Hi @TC_Marc and welcome!

You probably can use Exit Time on the transitions between the states of the anim component for this.

THANKS a Lot. That did the trick…now I have to find out how to get the screentap to start that stategraph :slight_smile:

If you mean for touch devices only, the example project below can be useful.

For all devices I suggest to use the click event on for example an element component .

// initialize function
this.entity.element.on('click', function (event) {
    // activate animation here
}, this);
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Thanks a lot for your help …works fine now!
I ll move on to sounds now :wink: