Play certain part of animation?

I have an animated model, but it is all in one animation. How do I play certain parts of that animation when the user clicks certain things. You see, the animation is for a gun, and the reload and shoot are strung together. I would like to play the shoot part on left click and the reload part when the user presses R on the keyboard. How would I do this?

The best way is to make separate animations for each part. Without separating you have to get each part time and then sync by yourself. I had the similar issue with my animation and i resolved it by getting each part starting and ending time and synced it through code.

OK, thank you. But how would I do that?

@HTML_Celeb you can use blender, to “cut” your animations and export them separately to .FBX. Then you can easily import them in Playcanvas.

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I have a chromebook, I can not use blender, sorry :frowning:.

Ah I see, maybe you can a try, it’s a web based 3D modelling program. I am not sure how capable is when it comes to animation, but you can give it a try.

OK, I will try that!

I can’t see to get it to work :frowning:. I am not very good with stuff like that. Is there any other option?

You actually can get blender on a Chromebook but I doubt you would get some good performance. and it won’t be up to date. also, you need to download ubuntu using the Linux terminal if you want blender. If you have developer mode enabled just type this into the terminal… and boom you got yourself blender :slight_smile:

sudo apt install blender

Thank you, but it really is not that easy on 2gb of ram :frowning: