Plans for prefabs (not just clone through code)?

Are there any plans on being able to do something like designate something as a template/prefab/etc and then use it in the scene visually?

In a scene with lots of trees, bushes, etc, it is a bit hard to visualize what things will look like in the end by changing code data and it would be really helpful to be able to modify their properties in the 3D editor view instead of something like a big grid of data values in an array.

I know I could be copy and pasting the objects to create new copies, but a lot of times I’ll want to change some property on the trees and have it apply to all existing trees.

Thank you!

Yes, we are thinking on “prefabs” implementation. So keep tuned.
There is no ETA on this.

For now you can use multi-selection to simplify editing multiple-entities together.

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