Plane collision setup?

Hello everyone, I have a problem understanding why I cant create a built in Plane object(renderer) and put collision (Mesh) + rigidbody without providing actual mesh since I created that mesh from context menu and it is not available to assign to mesh slot. Am I missing something here? All i wanna do is create a plane and put (MeshCollider → Unity reference) and thats it. I wanna collider to use plane and if i scale it I need it to update collision shape according to built in plane mesh.

Note: All tutorials i see online use Box collision with y= 0.1 and I would like to avoid that.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Aetrix,

There is no plane collider option right now, you can add a feature request in the engine repo about it:

For the moment, you will have to either use a box with a small Y extent or upload a plane model asset and use that as a collider.