Physics with meshs not work well

This is my pc project, and the purpose is to recreate my university in a metaverse, but, in some places like as shown in video bellow:

Demo video

If you walk on these place the ground just does not collides and you fall on the void

Try a lot to undestood the problem, and also change the model, but it keept happening.

Hi @Rafael_Alves and welcome!

It looks like there is a problem with your mesh collision.

You can use the tool of @LeXXik to check the mesh collision.

Okay, the weirdest thing that should happen just happens,

Look the demo

Can’t just understood, seems the collision to be there, but it does not collides, can u help me ?

As far as I know you need to fix the problem in a program like Blender. There you can change the amount of polygons of the collision mesh, or something like that. I personally have no experience with this, so hopefully someone else can share more information.

If the problem is only at one location, you can maybe add an extra entity with static rigidbody and primitive collision component as a workaround.

Okay, can u send my problem to another moderator ? It would be good, has one more person thinking on that.

Probably a bad triangle. Ammo has issues with some triangles of its trimesh. This is often happens when the same mesh has triangles of very different scales. Just open Blender and try to “redesign” that triangle, e.g. cut it in two, or swap the diagonal of a quad from left-to-right to right-to-left, etc.

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Okay, i’ll try