Physics Velocity Units?

It’s unclear what units are used for rotationalVelocity and linearVelocity, I think it’s degrees/tick and units(meters)/second respectively but I’d love it if someone could confirm and add it to the docs. In general is there a preferred way to submit contributions to the docs?

linearVelocity is in “units/sec”. Usually you can interpret “units” as metres, but really it depends on what scale you have modelled your assets at.

Your question about angularVelocity means I’ve just discovered a bug. Currently for Dynamic rigidbodies, angularVelocity is in radians/sec, but for Kinematic rigidbodies it is in degrees/sec.

The rest of the engine always uses degrees, so we will have to change the behaviour of the Dynamic RBs. Obviously this is a breaking change so we’ll have to make sure we let everyone know when the change goes live.

Best way to contribute to the documentation is on GIthub:

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Wow ahahahahah. I hadn’t thought about it but degrees/tick and radians/sec is almost the same thing. 57degrees/radian and 60ticks/second.