[Physics] CCD does not apply on RaycastVehicle

Hi guys, I’ve created this issue on the AmmoJS git repo but also posting on here in case anyone has any suggestion on how to get this working: https://github.com/kripken/ammo.js/issues/314

Hi there, I’ve been playing around with AmmoJS/Bullet RaycastVehicle in really fast settings and I’ve seen CCD does not apply for RaycastVehicle.

If I create a Sphere body and set a very high impulse against a ramp, the Sphere body will collide completely fine.

While with the RaycastVehicle, even applying CCD, it will keep going through the ramp like if it had no CCD enabled.

I’m applying CCD using these functions of the rigidbody class body. setCcdMotionThreshold(1) ; and body. setCcdSweptSphereRadius(0.2) ;

The box collider of the vehicle has a half extents of a little less than 1, so I think those values are good. I’ve been playing around with bigger and smaller CCD values but it still won’t do any difference whatsoever.

You can try out the test build here (sphere will get the impulse 1sec after the game loads up), use up arrow key to accelerate the vehicle to the maximum (1000units): https://playcanv.as/p/ldDFAFKp/

This is the Editor Project: