Personalize the loading screen

I would like to easily make small adjustments to the loading screen so that it matches the theme of my game a bit more. I mean especially the colors.

It’s currently only a feature supported on the Organisation plan.

Although, if you exported the build for self hosting, it’s not like we can stop you from editing the code :no_mouth:

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Why is this option not available for personally paying users?

I’m afraid @will has to answer that one.

Perhaps something where you can adjust some little things (like the colors), but not can remove the name so that the advertising for PlayCanvas is guaranteed.

I don’t mind if you change it - go right ahead. I’ll have a chat with the team next week and see if we should adjust this rule officially.


I would really appreciate it. I am a fan of PlayCanvas, but I am not a fan of the colors green and orange. :see_no_evil:

Is it already known whether this will be available for a personal plan?

We’re still in the process of discussing changes to what the plans offer. But like I say - just go ahead and change it - it’s fine.

I also think it would be nice to have like 3 options to choose from for the playcanvas logo in the loading screen:

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image


I was talking about downloading and editing the loading screen script in a self-publishing flow.

That is not my intention at the moment. I would like to make minor adjustments in the editor. Since my game is not finished yet, it is not realistic to always download and upload somewhere else.