Performance physics webgl low

Hello, I have been using the coin pusher on my pc for a few days, but I have to say that this is not a problem,
I get 60 fps.
with another portable PC android this is more complicating the fps goes down quickly,
I get 20 fps, for 40 coins.
Do I need to use another game method to adapt to computers that have lower performance and keep up to 30 coins to scene?

my demo scene : coin pusher - PLAYCANVAS

I’m guessing that you are using the physics system in Playcanvas?

Unfortunately, performance with ammo.js is not great on mobile. You may want to try @whydoidoit’s collision library and see if you get better performance or look at trying to multithread.

ok I thank you for your answers I will see with the other collision library and limit my numbers of pieces using another pusher procedure to have fewer parts on the shelf.

There’s an update to that library coming very shortly - but it’s Collision and not physics… If you are simulating coins it may not be much use as it has no tensors or the like for rotational velocity etc

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Thank you for the clarification whydoidoit.

There are a number of other physics libraries that you could try instead: