Performance issues with new engine version

So in the previous version my game was like this:

After the new version release its this:

Extremely laggy, takes a very long time to change scenes, and do you see that circle in the middle of the screen? Thats a spotlight with both cones set at 0. The light entity was present in both screenshots but you cant see the one on the top because its set at 0 and working properly. Nothing was changed at all and now the light is clearly not set at 0 despite it saying it is. Why the heck did you guys do this and how do i prevent it from staying this way in the next version.


I’ll try to help you solve any issues you’ve encountered. Are there any errors in the console that only show up on the newer version of the engine? In the Chrome Web Developer Profiling tab, is there any difference that stands out to you?

I tried to reproduce the issue of spot light with the cone angles of 0 still showing, but it seems to work for me … could you please try to set up a small standalone project with the issue?

I just created a spot light, with angles 1, 1 and see the spot light:

When I change the values to 0, the light is gone:

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how about I just send the entire thing

Scene in screenies

Hello @Alucard,

I’ve tested your game, and was unable to replicate the performance issues or long loading times between scenes. What hardware are you running on? Are you using any extensions that could be blocking outside traffic, like an adblocker?

The game currently runs smoothly at 120fps for me.