Performance drops in v1.59

Hey guys,

I don’t know what is changed in v1.59 comparing to v1.58.2, but now my game freezes quite a lot and the profiler shows the problem here, in getProgramParameter():

Do you have any idea why it’s lagging?

May be related to [Fix] Fix to light options processing causing clustered shaders compilation when lights change by mvaligursky · Pull Request #4955 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Do you have a repro that we can check against please?

Or add &use_local_engine= on the end of the launch tab URL to see if that solves your issue?

If so, we will be looking to release a fix for this in 1.59.1 soon

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CC @mvaligursky for visibility

In case it’s related:

We got a similar issue when activating lights for the first time in our scene. Each time a light is activated for the first time there is a 200-300ms freeze due to shaders compiling. That will be fixed by the quick PR @mvaligursky pushed above.

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@yaustar indeed, with latest dbg engines it seems freezing has gone! At least it’s way less noticeable…

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Also I can confirm @Leonidas words - the lagging happens [most likely] when a light source is created.