Performance Difference on iOS vs. Android

Hey all,

Question about Android vs. iOS. I get very smooth gameplay on iOS devices on a game I’m working on but for Android, the framerate dips to less than 15 fps. I’ve tried turning on and off different visual effects but the only one that fixes the issue is disabling (as you’d expect) the device pixel ratio. I’ll link the published build below. It only works on mobile devices. Anyone ever experienced this before?
Do you guys have any thoughts on this?

I’ve tested this on various Android and iOS devices and results have been consistent.

Hi @Jake_Johnson,

I share similar findings, most Android devices have a much slower GPU when compared to iOS devices. Slower GPU generally means being able to render fewer pixels per frame.

That’s why when you lower your device pixel ratio you get better performance, because you reduce the number of pixels rendered per frame.

Generally exposing low-mid-high graphics settings to the end user, or even better have a slider for the user to set the desired pixel ratio is a good option. This way he can adjust your application to his device specs.