PCUI Framework Build Source Failing?

Normally I would create an issue in both the PCUI and PCUI-Graph reposiories on Github.
But I wanted to double-check if this is potentially a build fail on the PlayCanvas developers side.

CDN and build generator sites such as Skypack https://cdn.skypack.dev/ fail to compile/build the PCUI framework and in doing also fails PCUI-Graph which is also built off of said PCUI framework.

I do not believe this is the site’s fault but I would like a second opinion before I create some repo issues.

Finally, I apologize in advance if I accidentally insult anyone’s feelings.
But unfortunately both frameworks have poor package-scores, meaning their build setups are structured to compile properly.

PCUI: npm:@playcanvas/pcui | Skypack


PCUI-Graph: npm:@playcanvas/pcui-graph | Skypack


PCUI-Observer : Higher Score: npm:@playcanvas/observer | Skypack
PCUI-Observer : Lower Score: npm:playcanvas-observer | Skypack

It is interesting because for example PCUI-Observer seems to have a good score.
But strangely there are two official build links on that site, one with a good score and the other with a lower score.



Engine-Only: npm:playcanvas | Skypack

The genuine official PlayCanvas Engine-Only CDN has a very good score.


I’ve done completely fresh pulls from the repos and built from scratch. All built successfully on Mac

All 3 repos are used for the PlayCanvas Editor which is built on Linux on our CI build machines

Would you mind taking a look at my CodePen if you have a moment?

I am using the code-snippets from the PCUI React section.
Please note that I have already setup basic React modules.
But the PCUI modules/PCUI React components are not found.

Currently I am unsure if this is a SkyPack error, as I get errors that are relatively unclear to me but may seem clear to others such as you.

CodePen Build Error

SkyPack Build Server Error

Perhaps it is because the “exports” destinations are not stated in the package.json for PCUI?


Even places such as https://www.jsdelivr.com/ fail to build the PCUI from source.
Their PCUI link: @playcanvas/pcui CDN by jsDelivr - A CDN for npm and GitHub

Unfortunately, outside of the way we support and use it, we can’t really be going round debugging how to make it work the multiple NPM delivery mechanisms/services that exist.

Please do file a ticket and maybe during some downtime we could take a quick look but I wouldn’t expect a quick resolution to it.