PCUI for Non-Game Web Application

Is it possible to use PCUI for non-game web application?

i want to create a web application like uBuild: In-game modular building system | Systems | Unity Asset Store

which users will use to select objects from inventory and place it on the area and visualize it
eg: a user has 2 Acres of empty land, he wants to build something. to visualize what he wants to build
he should be able to select roads and lay on the land area, build fences, place different types of houses etc

is that possible using PlayCanvas?
technically im looking for an alternate to WebGL

Hi @david_jeba and welcome,

Yes PCUI is using HTML/CSS to render its elements, so you can use it in non WebGL applications.

Yes, but a lot of the logic you will have to write yourself.

Yep. There are no restrictions for PCUI

Oh, in which case PlayCanvas won’t help as it is a WebGL engine. You can still use PCUI though as its just creates DOM objects.

Not sure how you will render a 3D view in the browser without WebGL though