PCUI components missing?

Hi. We are currently trying to implement PCUI into our project and we were wondering if some feature are missing?

The banner above shows things like Color input, curve input, Sprite/Image previews and in the source code there are things mentioned like custom Context Menus, Array Inputs and more which I think are not mentioned in the documentation? (which is unfortunately offline right now). There is also a kind of asset list shown (bottom left) which i guess isn’t a specific component but instead a combination of components?

If I am missing something please correct me.

Also if you have any time at your hand it would be nice to see more examples in the documentation as for now I am better off just looking at the source code as it usually tells me a lot more then the actual documentation :sweat_smile:

Thanks for telling us! It’s now back: https://playcanvas.github.io/pcui/ :slight_smile:

Hi Yoschie,

The open source PCUI repo currently has a subset of the full list of components used by the editor. We’ll be porting more components over into the open source library when the time is available. If you have particular components which you’d really like to see soon, i’d be interested in knowing which ones and the priority order to help focus our efforts.

With regards to components being present in the repo but not in the documentation. Those components present in the documentation are considered complete and ready to be consumed. They’re the ones that’ll be present in the repositories build output too and hosted on npm. Any others that are present in the code base should be considered work in progress. They can be used in your own build but their functionality may change in the future.


Hi @Elliott
Thanks for the quick reply!
For now Array Input and Color picker/Graph are the things we could currently need the most. Especially the Array Input would save us quite some work/time/nerves ^^
We were just a little bit confused since in the banner the color picker was shown ^^

I see. Yeah that makes total sense. I think maybe a small read me showing how to enable those work in progress components would be much appreciated ^^

Thanks again!

The Array Input sounds like a good place to start. I’ve created an issue on the PCUI repo so you can track it’s progress!

I’ll also investigate how WIP components could be enabled in experimental builds of PCUI.

Sounds great. Thanks a lot!