Pcsync pullAll is not working as expected

Hi Team,
I have been trying to get our project files to my local using pcsync tool. Here i followed
below steps.

But while i am trying pcsync pullAll command , it is not pulling our project remote files to the target directory. So could someone please help us with this issue.

Here i am attaching the result of pcsync pullAll command for reference.
Thanks in advance for your support

From a quick look, your pcconfig.json isn’t in the target directory folder

Thanks for the reply @yaustar ,
I tried that too as well , here i am attaching the project folder structure

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s the issue without being at the computer. It looks fine from the setup. Maybe you can double check your steps with this user: [TUTORIAL] How to setup playcanvas-sync from first step to the last step

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Thank you , I followed that link now it is working fine

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Did you identify a step that was missing in your process?