[PAUSED] Saving your buildings using playcanvas

This could by very useful if you are making a building game, it isnt really complete but im still at one of the first stages to completing it:

NOTICE: This project is paused until i get a new computer


  • Import: 2%
  • Save: 17%


Date Description Screenshot
27/05/21 11:31:46 (EST): I added conversions for the bytes and it shows the file extension. i am getting started on importing its going smoothly so far but i have encoutered a few issues, but i fixed them. i also switch the file type to .build This is a screen shot showing the file conversion :D


This image may not load, The current download file is a txt file so its editible for now BUT i will switch that up later.

Before editing the scene:

After editing the scene:

Every node in the scene is created as a JSON that goes into the file here is how it looks when i was debugging:

I havent added components as of this moment but i am planning on doing so in the future