Particlesystem resets when changing emission rate

Hi Community,

I want to change the emission rate of a particle system (time between particle births) during runtime, to increase the particle count.

Unfortunately, the particle system gets reset every time the emission rate is changed.


Is there a proper way of increasing the emission smoothly?

Any hints appreciated,

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Hi @dexter_deluxe, this indeed could be useful but I am not sure if it’s doable.

Emission rate is part of the complex properties on the particle system component that force a reset when they get updated:

You could try and force the emitter to treat your rate update as a simple property, something like this:

this.entity.particlesystem.emitter.rate = this.entity.particlesystem.rate2 = targetRate;

I haven’t tested this not sure how it will behave.

Created a ticket as this has come up again: Be able to change the particle emission rate without needing to regenerate the whole system · Issue #4336 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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