ParticleSystem inconsistent Creation

I am having a few issues with creating a particle system.When I create a looping particle system it creates the particles like it should, but it creates them inconsistently. The effect I am trying to mimic is much like a radar beam. It spawns then grows larger then fads, the beams are always the same distance (or time) distance apart.
If anyone has any advice or an answer please let me know.

When you say inconsistently are you talking about the time between emitting particles?

Could you post a screen shot?

below there are two images. I need the effect to loop forever, however with looping turned on it looks like the effect on the left. Without looping the effect is as desired, however it only can run through 50-60 particles before it just doesn’t render anymore.(it wont even start if the Particle Count is too high).

OK, thanks,

Our engine guy is looking at this right now. Hopefully have a fix today.

Just to let you know. A fix was deployed for this on Friday. So it should be resolved now.

Thank you very much,
This has been resolved, and works well. Unfortunately we are pursuing a different pipeline and software and will not be utilizing play Canvas at this time. I appreciate this functionality getting fixed in a timely and effective manner. I look forward to using play Canvas in the future, and communicating any further challenges I encounter with you.


Please let us know if there is anything else you need.