Particles moving at high speed will flicker

If the Entity of a particle is moved at high speed, the particle will flicker.
Is there a solution to this problem?

These are particles when the entity is slow.

There are times when particles are not rendered when the Entity is moving at a high speed.
Therefore, the particles appear to be faded.

The result of this problem depends on the angle and position of the camera.
This particle is (localSpace = true).

This is a project to reproduce the problem.

When this project is played back, the entities that have particles as children gradually accelerate.
After a certain degree of acceleration, the particle begins to flicker.
As you change the angle of the camera, the result will change.

Chrome 101.0.4951.54

Sorry, I can’t reproduce the issue locally

Thanks for your reply Yaustar,

I have tried this on three computers.

  • win8.1
  • win10
  • win11

The only one that had problems was win11.
Is this a unique problem that my computer has? :worried:

This is how it looks on my PC.

Can anyone besides me reproduce this problem?