Particles (inner extents) not working

Hi everybody

I noticed a problem with the particle system. I wanted an are to be excluded from generating particles so I used the inner extents but unfortunately particles are still generated in that area?

this is a sample project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

As you can see in the image I created a particle system and the emitter extent is (30, 1, 30). and the inner extent is (25, 1, 25) so it shouldn’t generate any particles in that inner extent area, how ever it still does that.
am I doing something wrong or is this a problem with playcanvas?

Feels like a bug. Reported here:

Sphere shape seems to work fine so it looks like it’s just an issue with the box shape

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Thank you for response. but the problem with the sphere is: you don’t have control over how high do you want the particles to get generated.

when do you think we can have a fix for it?

I honestly don’t know. Bugs like this usually get prioritised based on ‘impact’ on our users and unless we see more people upvote the issue, realistically, it is likely to be part of next round of bug fixing in a few months time or if an open source contributor fixes it

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thanks for quick answer

I closed the ticket, as I cannot repro the issue. Please review the comment on it, and reopen if you believe that is not correct. Particle inner extents do not apply on box shape emitter · Issue #4061 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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