Particles emission spawn

I noticed that emission time for particles is not working properly. If you set emission time 1 to be 1 and emission time 2 to be 2… sometimes 2 particles would appear one behind another (at the same time). Is that normal?

Can you provide an example please?

possibly related to this Particles emission rate is wrong when looping · Issue #4929 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

If you look at it you will notice that it does not fire between 2-3 seconds. Sometimes it is 0-3 seconds (it even fired 3-4 times in row when I was in play mode).

I don’t believe so because I put loop to false

Also, another point… if you put life to certain point (300 in my case) the particle velocity is misbehaving. It goes on -x and -z axis for short period of time before it stops going on -x and -z and starts going on y only.

It looks like it starts from 2-3 seconds but after a first particle shoot it starts calculating time differently. Sometimes it’s consistant for few particle activations but then it starts going from 0-3

It looks like it is related to it being prewarmed as if you look up, you can see all the particles as soon as you select it

(I’m pretty sure we had a prewarm option on the particles component :thinking: )

Looks like you’ve hit this bug:

Try disabling prewarm by temp enabling loop, disable prewarm

@yaustar Still happens when I disable it. I put 5-6 seconds for each particle and you can see that it still happens. Sometimes it fires in 5-6 and sometimes it is at 0-6.

Also, while I was searching the forums I saw that you are making some kind of visual particle system? Is that still being worked on or did I see wrong?

We weren’t. There is some work going on with a Visual Shader Graph editor and there’s a third party VFX library called Effekseer.

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Created a bug report to track this issue: Particle emission rate is not between the values set · Issue #5113 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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