Particle system

I want to create a partical system that consists of particles moving from the bottom up and radiating around my character, but currently there are many particles that are going through the character.

This is the particle configuration

Demo here

Thanks for any advice

Ηι @hoanguyen, nice game!

There isn’t a way right now to have the particles collide with a model, so yes they will appear going through your character.

You will have to position the emitter in a way that the particles are spawned in front or behind your character, if that works with what you have in mind.


I have adjusted the emiter parameter, but it doesn’t seem to work the way I want, would you mind adjusting it for me?

Yes, I can give it a try, if you can post an editor url or add me to your project with my Playcanvas username: leonidas.

I have added you to my project.

It is located here

Thank you!

Good thanks, I will reach you in the in editor chat.