Particle system when parenting

I’m creating a blood spray FX and want to add it to the body of a character to make him bleeding while moving. I’m using local velocity to make the blood shooting backward to make it look like the blood sprayout from the wound. But when i parent the FX with the character (already have rigged bone inside) the FX not working like outside character. No matter what i changed to the Local velocity and Velocity section of the Particle effect, the partiles seem like only spawn at emiter and not moving, flying or anything. Does anyone know what cause that problem or anyway to solve it or work around it ?

Hmm, it should work. Would you be able to share a project to look at please?

I would probably use a combination of both local and global velocity to this effect myself.

Oh, here is an example of the problem, you can see the particle outside the body is working as intended, but the same particle when i put into the character is not working as intended and i don’t know why xD

It looks like the scaling of model hierarchy is doing something strange to the particle system.

To workaround this, I would have the particle emitter outside of the model hierarchy and every frame, move it and orientate to the node that you want it attached to.



We also have this issue with particle effects: Particle system to support particles emitted in local space but update in world space · Issue #4201 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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I do that trick quite often when attempting to attach objects to internal nodes/bones of skinned models.

Otherwise it’s quite common to get that kind of scaling issues.

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