Particle System opacity change after updating to 1.54.1

Encountered a weird bug on something that we haven’t updated in the last two months (give or take).
The scene has two sets of particles that are activated when the “On” button is pressed. One set of particles (spherical particles) seem to be behaving normally. The other set (squiggly bits) are now behaving differently.

If we switch back to the Engine version to 1.53.4, the particles are visible, but with 1.54.1, the particles change opacity drastically. They are there, but just not that visible.
Is there something we need to update in the settings for the particles to get the expected behaviour back?

Screenshot 1: 1.53.4 with pink particles visible clearly

Screenshot 2: 1.54.1 with pink particles barely visible


Are you using soft particles?
If so, it’s very likely you need to call this on your camera from the script:


see more:


@mvaligursky : Yes, that was it. Interesting change…
Maybe worth looking over Tutorials and documentation on particles that would likely misbehave due to the change.

The fix for us was fairly easy.
On the scene using the particles, we added to the camera, a new script with just this much:

var RequestSceneDepth = pc.createScript('requestSceneDepth');

// initialize code called once per entity
RequestSceneDepth.prototype.initialize = function () {
    //this is needed to make the pink particles work in 1.54.1 (and onwards?);

// update code called every frame
RequestSceneDepth.prototype.update = function (dt) {


Didn’t need to fix camera settings though:


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