Particle system help

Hi Playcanvas community, I am trying to make some particle effects but having a hard time with it so I need some help over here. The particles i am trying to make are like these


Any help or if a working demo is available is appreciated.

Looks like you want a variant of something like this:

So how can I add the bloom effect like the above particles have???

Edit nvm I changed the color and it gave the effect I wanted. Thanks for the help.

You will probably have to fake it with a sharp fall off in alpha on the particle

how do you suggest I should make the big one??, I really am not good with these kind of things.

Which one is the big one?

the longer of the above two

You will have to experiment with lifetime of particles and the emission rate. It being that long means that it may not be suitable for the particle system and instead could consider mesh generation to create a trial with some particles to help sell the effect.

Okay I’ll try with the particles system first, if that doesn’t work out I’ll consider the mesh one.