Particle system dynamic emission


I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to update the emission rate at runtime without the particle system resetting itself.

The goal is to create something like a shaking of the device, ejecting more or fewer particles depending on the intensity. At the moment, adjusting the values ​​within the particle system resets the entire particle system.

Does anyone have an idea if it is possible to achieve a dynamic emission effect without the PS resetting the emitted particles?

Thanks you!


hi mvaligursky - do you have an idea if its possible to adjust the emissionrate during runtime, without the particle system resets itself?

Right now i have a snow particle system and im using the opacity graph to blend it in and out - (with shake detection). this is a good fallback method but it would be awesome, if i could change the emissionrate or the time intervall to create more snow - but when i change the values in the editor - the particle system resets itself, so i cant use it, because it would look weird if the particles jump around when shaking. (because when you stop shaking a opacity decrease function hits, so when the user stops shaking the snow disappears again after x seconds - except he shakes again)

it would be awesome, if you could give me some input if its possible - if not i have to stay with my opacity solution.

Thank you very much!

I’m not an expert in how the particle system works to this level, so not sure. But if you tried to do what you needed and the system resets (which means it copies its parameter data to a texture), than I guess that is the only solution for it, and stick to a workaround.