Particle System 'disappearing' when using Clear Color with 0 Alpha on Camera

Hello fellow developers!

I’ve ran in a problem to which I couldn’t find any fix online.

I have an AR application and would like to use Particles in this. Now the AR Camera Object has these attributes

Now this is obviously done, so there is no Clear Color in the background for the AR application. But strangely enough if this is applied, particle systems seem to be somewhat behaving weirdly.

The particles are rendered normally in the preview, but when executing the actual scene, particles are only seen if they pass between an Object and the Camera.

I have a rocket, with a simple particle System to simulate smoke. Here is the comparison witht the Alpha set to 255 and the Alpha set to 0.

(Here I just disable the AR functionality with no Marker etc. for testing, but the result is the same and I can’t have a Clear Color of the Camera of 0,0,0, 255 cause then the background is black and you can’t see the surroundings therefore making the AR useless)

Has anyone got a clue on how to fix this ? Or will I have to use real 3D Entities as a workaround which I’d spawn and then let disappear?