Particle System Change?

Hey Fellow PlayCanvas people!

I have noticed, that lately Particle Systems seem to behave differently ? An Explosion for example does some kind of weird laggy thing which wasn’t there before. The direct reference is when you look at: Explosion Particle Effect | Learn PlayCanvas Everything is fine. Even when you press play on the Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

But if you go into the Editor and press play there, then the thing becomes weirdly laggy. I guess the build was done on an older version hence no lagginess. But if you press play in the editor you render it with the latest version. I have noticed this in a game I am producing and it’s really sad, because the explosions just simply look bad like this.

Any suggestions why this happens ?

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I had the same issue, I have it on the list to post an example project this weekend ( basically the same explosion assets and settings moved to a new project, and not working ). I’ll move it up the list.

There was a few recent changes to the particle system that may have caused this:

@will Any ideas here?

I’m just starting to put some time aside to find and report bugs.

In this example, the first thing I noticed is that the 8x8 grid is being drawn in the wrong order.

In the texture below…


… the texture system should be drawing from 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32 etc.

Instead, it’s drawing from 57-64, 49-56, 41-48 etc.

So, instead of…

  • drawing each row starting from the top, moving left to right, and them moving down
  • drawing each row starting from the bottom, moving left to right, and then moving up.

You can see the effect in the forked project below, I created a new particle system using the texture above.

This explains some of the weirdness, but I’ve a feeling other things are broken too. I’ll try to put some time aside tomorrow as well to find out more.


OK, I’ve updated the example at the link above to show the other issue I’m seeing, when trying to position particles.

Here’s the published link, which is showing the same issues.

Press the ADD button in the top left, and two particle systems ( explosion, and a copy of the number counting down ) will be placed in one of four random positions.

Note how some of the particles seem to “glitch”


Thanks for the really nice example!

Clearly something is wrong with the particle system >.<

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The latest update for PlayCanvas hasn’t fixed the moving of the particle system.

I’ve also just noticed that the start and end frame is wrong.

I’ve updated the issue on GitHub…

There are particle system issues for me as well. When i create a particle system in editor, i get a laggy effect and cannot preview in the editor at all.

@yqu, can you capture a video of it and report it to the GitHub page? That will hopefully help with getting it fixed.

If anyone gets a chance, can you run this project, click on the button a few times, and confirm that the yellow particle effect appears at one of the 4 red dots, but the white one is buggy ( doesn’t appear at the red dots, or disappears )

Yellow is always on the 4 dots. White never appears on the red dots.

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Hi @yaustar, cheers - that confirms that it’s not just me seeing the issue and that it’s reproducable.