Particle System Bug

Hey everyone,

I have two problems with Particles Syste:

  • The first problem is stop completely a Particle System. I’m using the reset and stop methods respectively. They work most of the time, but not all. In certain emission rates the system emits a single particle.

This is the code I am using:

ParticlesRestarter.prototype.onMouseDown = function(event) 
    if (event.button === pc.MOUSEBUTTON_LEFT) 

    if (event.button === pc.MOUSEBUTTON_RIGHT) 

Here the project:

  • The second problem is a bug with a mobile device. Specifically Samsung Galaxy S10 not render the particles. We have different devices and it works in all except this one.

Hi @Javier_Heras,

Welcome to the forum. What happens if you stop the particle system before resetting it?

Regarding the Galaxy S10 problem. It is a known issue that is currently being worked on:


Thanks :wink:
When I stop the particles systems, one of them spawn one last particle:

The particle system “bugged” is the system with 0.1 of emission rate.