☑ Particle not play again sometimes


It’s very strange that the particle not plays every time.

I used this mathod:


But sometimes the particle still not play.

According to this, [SOLVED] Resetting a particle system, I don’t know how to know whether the entity leaves the trigger or not. So I inserted console.log('fired') into the code and I found the fired would be printed even though the particle not played.

I have no idea to figure it out. Thank you in advance.

I tested this particle system again and again and I found that the particle certainly played.
However, even though the particles were playing, but this particles were invisible.
When this particles playing, a few milliseconds later, this particles appeared suddenly but not in a constant milliseconds. This time depends on how long I play the game. Is this a bug of Particle System ?
This’s my project: https://playcanvas.com/project/425272/overview/just-rolling
Thank you !

Could you create a small test scene that shows the problem? It’s difficult to diagnose inside a complex project.


Hi, dave. No problem to create a small test scene but it still cost a few time. To ensure daily work, this small test might take me a few days. If you have time, you can diagnose this project first. And of course, next, I will make this small test. :grin: Thank you.

In this project, all particle system are in the script called BallCat.js.

Hello, dave. I made a small test scene that shows the problem.
And there is another problem in this scene.
I used

to blend with the background page.
After that, when the particles move out of the road, the particles’ color turns to WHITE.

In conclusion, there are two problems in this scene.

  1. Particle not play sometimes.
  2. When using transparent canvas, particle’s color will turn to white.

Thank you !

Had another look at this larger project as you mentioned in the other thread that you weren’t rolling the player object here.

We can now reproduce the issue almost 100% of the time and have a video recording of the issue so we should be able to investigate it more thoroughly. Hopefully we be able to find the cause and solution soon for this.

Edit (26th Oct 2016): Add as a bug in the engine GitHub repo: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/759

Just to let you know @WingUNO that we have now fixed the particle not playing issue :slight_smile:

As an aside, as you have particles that have transparency, you need to make the road materials opacity->Blend type to ‘none’ otherwise you may end up odd transparency issues on the particles.

Wow ! That’s amazing ! :smile: And I thank you very very very much !

When I saw this :

I was so touched.

Thanks for your and your team’s efforts ! Very appreciated !

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